Auxiliary Status

If you are an individual that would like to be a part of the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity and are willing to make the commitment of adhering to our Code of Honour and Spirituality but due to geographical location or lifestyle you are unable to commit to a men’s group you can still be a part of the brotherhood.

This status of being a full member of the fraternity but not formally a part of a Band of Christian Brother’s men’s group is called an “Auxiliary”.

As an Auxiliary you are able to:

  • Be a part of the greater brotherhood and support.
  • Join any existing BCB men’s groups if you are travelling or on vacation.
  • Help with the spread of the brotherhood

What is required:

  • You adhere to the Code of Honour and Spirituality.
  • You are initiated by a designated witness (see initiation page).
  • You make your annual re-commitment to your local Legati
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