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Thanksgiving and Humility

Hello brothers, Couple days ago, October 7th to be precise, was the 450th anniversary of the world-saving Battle of Lepanto. The Church remembers this momentous day through a feast in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, given the role she played in securing one of the...

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The Common Good

"All these I will give to you, if you..." These familiar words to us today, have been uttered throughout time, perhaps most famously by the devil himself (Mat 4:9). Want to meet your family overseas? Watch your child play indoor sports? Do you want to keep your job?...

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Divine Providence or Declining Confidence

We live in strange times. Athletes that quit are celebrated as courageous, big families are considered a threat to human life but not abortion, and church-burning we are told, "is not right but understandable". In other words, the beacons of virtue today are people...

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What is Catholic education?

What is Catholic education?

Hello brothers, "We worked hard and saved $63,000 so that our son could have an education, only to have him come back from school and call us racists.' As we see churches burning, statues vandalized, and anti-Catholic vitriol being spread all over the media, the above...

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David Gilbert with guest Patrick Sullivan,talk about evangelizing your family: being the spiritual head of your family. Which will be broken down to: Identifying the family mission Creating a family culture Unpacking the child God has given you And, entering into the...

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This Episode talks about men being the  head of their household. They have a duty to protect and defend their family from physical and spiritual harm. This episode will deal with rightly ordering our lives, work vs. our vocation (wife), spiritual battle on the family...

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