Code of Honour

These are the 6 guiding principles to which members of the Band of Christian Brothers commit themselves. We make ourselves accountable to the fraternity in living out these principles:

knight - code


The practice of the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance) is vital to the formation and life of a Christian man.

Prudence – the ability to discern what is truly good in every circumstance and to choose the right way of achieving it. Because it is easy to fall into error, prudence demands humility. We seek the counsel of others, particularly those with proven experience whom we know to be sound judges of morality. We strive to understand and obey everything the Catholic Church teaches about the way we ought to live. We think and pray before we act.

Justice – a constant and permanent determination to give every person his or her rightful due. We give God the supreme adoration that is due to Him. We stand up for those who suffer injustice. We strive to set right any injustices we cause, and any injustices we see.

Fortitude – also known as courage, empowers us to overcome fear and to maintain our course in the face of difficulties. We stand together and fortify each other especially when any of us is at risk of falling. For strength in the battle of defending our Christian faith, we rely on the Holy Spirit for the supernatural gift of Fortitude.

Temperance – the moral virtue that moderates the attraction of pleasures and provides balance in the use of created goods. Food, drink, and sex are all divinely ordained goods; yet a disordered desire for any created goods can have grave physical and moral consequences, both for ourselves and for those around us. We refuse to be controlled by any goods that tempt us away from the will of God. We practice restraint so as to be effective instruments in the hand of God.


We choose to be protectors of women rather than predators. As St. Joseph refused to expose Mary to shame, we energetically guard the dignity and value of women.

Sheild - code of honour


It is of utmost importance that we remain in a state of Grace. To not be in a state of Grace is to be in a state of mortal sin. If we die in a state of mortal sin we go to hell. We run to the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist where we repent and become renewed in the battle to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect.

crown - code


As men made in the image of the Father, we accept our position of ‘benevolent authority’ over our household and like St. Joseph we acknowledge our hidden kingship over our family and/or those He has entrusted to us.

working symbol - code


Ordinary life is our path to holiness. Using our gifts and talents, we give glory to God through our work. We do outstanding work for the Glory of God. For us, work is a form of prayer.

lion - code


We will lead by example in our words, thoughts and actions by studying the faith, growing in love and holiness – living it out in everything we do.

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