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Men’s groups and the men’s movement in the Church are fragmented and isolated. There are no common values or mission uniting them in their noble cause.

Band of Christian Brothers fraternity strives to harness the power of existing men’s groups by uniting them under a common code and spirituality.

Those men’s groups that are a part of the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity are given a crest (currently for their websites) that is an outward symbol of their membership within the fraternity and helps assures other men seeking to join a men’s group of the faithfulness and calibre of the group.

If you are a member of an existing men’s group and wish for your men’s group to be a part of the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity by becoming an affliate member group please contact us.


What does it mean to be an affiliate?

You and your exisiting men’s group become part the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity. This means that you adhere to the Code of Honour and Spirituality. This also allows your men’s group to participate and recruit at BCB events as well as BCB promoting your group online.

If we become an affiliate do we lose control of our group?

No. When you become an affiliate you do not lose control. Becoming an affiliate means you meet the two requirements: 1) your groups adheres to the Code of Honour and 2) follows our Spirituality.

Your group will be fully become members of the fraternity and will adopt the organizational structure of the fraternity (NOTE: does not affect the meeting structure of your group).

Do we follow a particular program?

No. Each affiliate is their own autonomous group that is free to do any men’s program they wish that best suites the needs, culture and demographics of their group.

You can adopt the Band of Christian Brothers meeting structure if your group so chooses.

You will be required to change the structure of your group to be similar to the structure of the BCB fraternity and include the following into your meetings. For more information go to our “Meeting Structure” page.

Can a group be kicked out of the fraternity?

Yes. If a group abandons its commitment of adhering to the Code of Honour and Spirituality the fraternity reserves the right to revoke membership.

Also, if the group strays from the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church and/or breaks with their oaths and vows, the group can be kicked out of the fraternity.

What is the advantage of becoming affiliated?

The advantages of becoming affiliated with the Band of Christian Brothers (BCB) fraternity are:

  • Your men’s group becomes a part of a larger Catholic men’s movement and brotherhood.
  • Your members of your group can attend other Band of Christian Brothers’ men’s meetings. (For example, if you are travelling for work or vacation and there is a BCB Cohort in that area you are welcome to attend and meet other fellow brothers.)
  • Greater exposure and recruiting opportunities online and at BCB events.
  • Support (if needed) with your men’s group
  • Outline of guiding principles and spirituality for group members.
  • Discount ticket price to Band of Christian Brothers men’s conferences
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