Motto: “Fortes in Fide” (Strong in Faith)

Among the most serious crises facing our society today is the lack of true men. Women, children, the Church and the world are yearning for true men to setup and assist God in the mission of saving the world by saving souls.

Band of Christian Brothers is a fraternity that emboldens men to grow in faith and virtue, and to encourage each other in this pursuit. We reject the caricature of men as pleasure seeking, weak willed, and lazy that is put forth by popular culture. Instead, we embrace true Christian manhood – virtue, wisdom, strength and loyalty.

Lying at the heart of the lack of true men and manhood is a deeper crisis – man’s loss of his identity. Men have lost touch with their true identity, with their mission and the men that God has created them to be.

Band of Christian Brothers addresses the man crisis within the Church and meets the unique spiritual and fraternal needs of men while empowering and challenging them in their faith, character and God given role as priest, prophet and king.

We are disciples of Jesus Christ Who is the perfect priest, prophet, and king. Baptized into Him, we possess those same offices.

Priest – offering sacrifice. There is the baptismal priesthood, by which we all share in Christ’s priesthood, enabling us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to God, and to join ourselves to the offering of Christ in the Eucharist by the ordained priest. There is also the ministerial priesthood, a deeper participation in Christ’s priesthood.

Prophet – teaching. As prophets we are called to proclaim the Gospel to our families, friends, co-workers and those we encounter by our words and actions. We accept the study and full teaching of the One True Faith.

King – serving. As kings, we imitate Christ, the perfect King who loves all His subjects even to the point of dying for them! The kingship of Christ is one of service. In union with Him, we perform works of mercy and charity. We serve others as Christ does. Sometimes this service requires what we would consider “ruling”: setting down laws and disciplines for ourselves’ and others’ well-being, for those whom God has entrusted to us.

Jesus Christ is the perfect man, par excellence, that we should strive to be.

Code of Honour

We live and die by this code. Click here to learn more about our Code of Honour.


Our spirituality is Eucharistic and Marian. For more information click here.

Uniting Men’s Movement/ Harnessing the power of existing men’s groups

Men’s groups and the men’s movement in the Church are fragmented and isolated. There are no common values or mission uniting them in their noble cause.

Band of Christian Brothers fraternity strives to harness the power of existing men’s groups by uniting them under a common code and spirituality.

Those men’s groups that are a part of the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity are given a crest that is an outward symbol of their membership within the fraternity and helps assures other men seeking to join a men’s group of the faithfulness and calibre of the group.

If you and/or your men’s group are thinking of joining the Band of Christian Brothers’ fraternity click here.

Band of Christian Brothers is founded by Serviam Ministries.   ser-rgb

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