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Of Arrows and Quivers

Written By: Dennis Buonafede If you want to really know what you’re interested in ask yourself this question: when scripture is being read during Mass, and you’re only half listening, what words snap you back to attention? Many times it can be something that is...

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The Mass: Our Refuge and Salvation

Written By: Victor Penney The world seems extra crazy these days, doesn’t it? We’re right in the middle of the most volatile presidential election in U.S. history. Here in Canada, it wasn’t too long ago when the Supreme Court said certain indecent acts with animals...

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Tight Grouping!

Written By: Dennis Buonafede As an archery coach in a Catholic high school I like to use archery as an analogy to the spiritual life. Since archery is rich in connections to real life it helps immensely when I try to get some point across to my students. One point in...

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Hitting the Mark

Written By: Dennis Buonafede Athletics has always been a popular activity to use as metaphors for the spiritual life. St. Paul, for example, used running and fighting in his letter to Timothy (2 Tim 4:7). Many modern writers and speakers use American football (Serving...

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Are You Lazy, Man?

Written By: Victor Penney “Until I’m measured, I’m not known, yet how much do you miss me when I have flown.” Can you guess what that is? Here’s another clue: “It devours all things … birds, beasts, flowers, and trees; gnaws iron, bites steal; grinds hard stones to...

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The Traditional Mass & the Catholic Man Crisis

Written By: Victor Penney If you want to solve the man crisis in the Catholic Church, then it’s time to get serious about the Traditional Latin Mass. No, the Novus Ordo won’t do. If you were born after Vatican II, it’s probably the version of Mass you’re most familiar...

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