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How do I join Band of Christian Brothers?

You can join Band of Christian Brothers by joining a group in your area (click here to find one near you) or you can start your own men’s group (click here to learn more).

In time you will be asked to be initiated into the brotherhood.

You can also join the fraternity without formally being part of a men’s group. For more information about this special status click here.

How do I become initiated into the Brotherhood?

Please go to our initiation page for more information.

Is there any fee to be a member?


What do I have to do as a member?

As an initiated member you will be held accountable to the brotherhood’s code of honour and spirituality at the minimum.

If you are a part of a Band of Christian Brother’s men’s group you are expected to adhere to attending all/ most meetings.

I am interested but not ready to join the fraternity or a men’s group. Is that OK?

That is OK. Keep practicing the code of honour and spirituality of the fraternity. However, we would encourage you to prayerfully consider joining, to continue learning about your faith and making connections with other faithful Catholic Christian men on fire for the Lord.

Joining Band of Christian Brothers is a calling from God and some might not be called. But if you feel that you are called to join the Brotherhood, then you are more than welcome to join.

I would like to start my own Band of Christian Brothers men’s group. How do I get started?

First, God bless you for faithfully answering His call to bring men into deeper faith and virtue.

We would be happy to help provide assistance where we can in you forming a Band of Christian Brothers Cohort. We would suggest you to:

  1. Contact us.
  2. Find 1 or 2 men who would be willing to help you start and organize a men’s group.
  3. Look for what kind of format and/or program you will be using for your men’s group. (We can help you with this).
  4. See if you can meet at your local parish. If that is not possible other arrangements could be made (i.e. a person’s house).
  5. You and the leadership team will need to be initiated prior to your first men’s meeting.
  6. Get men to commit or interested in coming out to the men’s meetings. We would suggest:
    • Promote the event in your local parishe(s)
    • Have men sign up so when you are ready to have your first meeting you have a number of men interested and you are able to contact them.
  7. Have the group commit to the code of honour and spirituality.
  8. After several meetings, ask the men of your Cohort to become members of the brotherhood.

What does it mean to be an affiliate?

You become part the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity. This means that you adhere to the Code of Honour and Spirituality. This also allows your men’s group to participate and recruit at BCB events as well as BCB promoting your group online.

If we become an affiliate do we lose control of our group?

No. When you become an affiliate you do not lose control. Becoming an affiliate means you meet the two requirements: 1) your groups adheres to the Code of Honour and 2) follows our Spirituality.

Do we follow a particular program?

No. Each affiliate is their own autonomous group that is free to do any men’s program they wish that best suites the needs, culture and demographics of their group. So long as you follow the minimum requirements in your meetings.

Can a group be kicked out of the fraternity?

Yes. If a group abandons its commitment of adhering to the Code of Honour and Spirituality the fraternity reserves the right to revoke membership.

What is the advantage of becoming affiliated?

The advantages of becoming affiliated with the Band of Christian Brothers fraternity are:

  • Your men’s group becomes a part of a larger Catholic men’s movement
  • Your members of your group can attend other Band of Christian Brothers’ men’s meetings. (For example, if you are travelling for work or vacation and there is a BCB Cohort in that area you are welcome to attend and meet other fellow brothers.)
  • Greater exposure and recruiting opportunities online and at BCB events.
  • Support (if needed) with your men’s group
  • Outline of guiding principles and spirituality for group members.
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